Poetry Sessions

Peggy Osna Heller, Ph.D., LCSW/C, PTR, is a Social Worker, Clinical Poetry Therapist and a master mentor/supervisor. She has taught courses in poetry therapy at The Catholic University School of Social Service and the University of Maryland, and served as adjunct faculty for the Union Institute Graduate School. As treasurer of the Bibliotherapy Round Table, President of the National Association for Poetry Therapy and its Foundation, and the National Federation for Biblio/Poetry Therapy, Peggy has been active in the poetry therapy community since 1981, when she completed her poetry therapy training at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital. Her book, Word Arts Collage: A Poetry Therapy Memoir, is being published in May. With Kenneth Gorelick, M.D., Peggy co-directed the Wordsworth Center for Growth and Healing. She conducts a private practice of psychotherapy and poetry therapy in Potomac, MD.

Plenary Session

Didn't Your Mother Ever Tell You Not to Play with Words?


Poetry and Drama: An Enlivening and Enriching Integration (with Irwin)

The workshop leaders will introduce participants to a unique integration of these healing modalities through a process in which words move off the page into enactment, creating dramatic and meaningful experiences. The images, ideas, and feelings evoked will provide the substance for discussion and poetic expression with feedback potential. Participants’ creative responses to spontaneous play within the safety of a holding environment open possibilities for their enhanced self-awareness and interaction. The leaders offer an adventure into a developmental continuum, applicable to personal and professional practice.

Wayfarer, the Only Way is Your Footsteps

With Antonio Machado's poem "Wayfarer" as inspiration, we will take an old-fashioned walk revisiting scenes and experiences of our lives with new eyes. Coming from all walks of life to this moment and this place, we bring memories related to world events and personal adventures. We got from there to here, where we will stroll and strobe, write and share.